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Content Website Audits

Do you have an aged website that you own or maybe just aquired, but have no idea where to start?

A content audit is the first thing you should do to get a full picture of what is working on the website and what is not.

Is the content in silos? Are you interlinking? Do you have 404 errors? Are the existing pages even getting traffic, and if they aren't should you update or delete them?

These are just some of the questions you might have.

With an audit, you will get a full picture of where your site stands and can get a clear direction of where to go from here.

Tier 1

Blog up to 250 pages




  • Up to 250 pages of content
  •  Full Report: Categorized: Delete, Redirect, Leave, Update
Tier 3

Blog up to 1000 pages




  • Up to 1000 pages of content
  •  Full Report: Categorized: Delete, Redirect, Leave, Update
  • Optimization tips per page

Complete Content Production Process

Are you running one or several content websites? Are you finding it difficult to manage the day to day tasks at hand? If so, we might be able to help.

Content production at scale can become very time consuming for solopreneurs and with that the only way to scale is to delegate.

The challenge of delegation is common for many entrepeneurs and with that we can provide a structure of how to delegate using processes.

How to hire writers - we provide a template that works to attract writers and show you tactics for filtering to find the best writers at costs as low as $.015 a word.

Editor training - we create a training based on your needs for a writer to take content from the writers, edit it, add images, internal links, affiliate links and to post the content without you being involved.

Content Guidelines - standard operating procedures (SOP) for writers to create content based on your needs.